Pumpkin & Apple Sorting

This is a sensory bin that I have every fall. It just smells SO good!

I start with a bag of oats, and add in a few packs of the Quaker Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal. That really gives it a special appley smell! I toss in some whole cinnamon sticks and then some accessories. This bin just fills the senses with fall!

For today’s bin I tossed in some apples and pumpkins (as well as some acrylic leaves) for sorting. I placed all of that in one side of the Flisat table with the big, deep bin. On the other side I used the 2 small, shallow bins for sorting.

I placed a photo of an apple in one bin, and pumpkin in the other. These are from our Montessori 3-part Autumn Vocab digital download.

As the kids scooped and played we talked about the wonderful smell of the cinnamon and apples. We sorted the apples and pumpkins. They filled containers of “apple pie” and “pumpkin pie”.

Try this sensory bin out for yourselves and enjoy the smells of autumn!

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