Light Table Autumn Tree

I came across these translucent acrylic leaves at Dollarama recently and thought they would be perfect for the light table! Since the light will shine through them, but you can still see the colour of the leaf, they could be fun for learning colours too!

I used my Cricut to cut out the tree, with bare branches. You can always hand cut one out as well, I just use any excuse to use my Cricut! I placed the tree on the light table with the bowl of leaves next to it.

The kids instinctively started placing the leaves on the bare branches! Some kids placed them gently, creating a deliberate patterns and other kids piled them on to cover all the branches. However they choose to place the leaves is just fine, let the creativity flow!

This turned out to be a fun and engaging quiet time activity and I’ll be sure to pull it out again this fall!


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