Carrot Garden Sensory Bin

This sensory bin was inspired by the little carrots you see in the bin! I found them in the Easter section at Wal Mart, they’re actually erasers! Then I saw the little bunny erasers next to them… they were both begging to be put in a sensory bin.

I used our Flisat table for this bin, because the separate bins were perfect for holding all of our elements. On one side I put some potting soil, and patted it down so it was packed semi-tight. On the other side I put 2 smaller bins. One with the bunnies, carrots and some fake plants and one with a few gardening tools.

I just let the kids have at it! They don’t need me to tell them how to dig in the dirt! I heard them talking about the bunnies eating the carrots, about planting the carrots and the dirt flying around!

This sensory bin was a big hit and a great introduction to our spring activities!

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