Read it & Make it: LMNO Peas

Book: LMNO Peas by Keith Baker

isbn: 1442489782

Published: 2014

abcdefghijkLMNOPEAS! This adorable abc book is about little peas and all the jobs they can do starting with each letter of the alphabet! From astronauts to zoologists, each page is filled with illustrations of little peas working hard!

We read the book as a group, stopping to talk about the letters and occupations we were seeing. The book ends with “who are you?” so we talked about our names and jobs we like (with some prompting about different community helpers).

After we read and talked about the book, we headed over to the sensory bin (Flisat Ikea table) to play with some real peas! This bin includes 2 bags of frozen peas, various scoops and alphabet sand molds (from Dollarama).

The little ones just dug right in! We talked about how the peas felt. Are they cold? Warm? Hard? Squishy? They used the scoops to fill the letters and the letters as scoops to fill the containers!

One of our little ones even found that if she put the frozen peas in this enclosed scooper and shook it, it made noise!

a diy pea shaker!

This is probably one of my favourite Read it & Make it activities to date! The frozen peas are such a nice sensory change from the usual. With various changing textures of the peas from hard to squishy, frozen to thawed, noisy and smelly…. they are the ultimate sensory bin filler!

If you have any book recommendations for our Read it & Make it, please let us know in the comments!

If you give this activity a try be sure to tag us on social media using #inspiredtots and @inspiredtots… you may just win a prize pack for tagging!

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