Read it & Make it: Tickled Pink

Book: Tickled Pink: How Friendship Washes the World With Color

isbn #: 1772781045

Published: 2020

Bullying is alive in the animal world where Filippo lives. He is a pink flamingo in a black and white jungle. Zebra and Panda do not like Filippo because he is pink, so he sets out to find out what’s so bad about being pink. During his quest for answers, a lemur comes along that loves pink and befriends Filippo. Together with their cans of pink paint, they show that zebra and panda what a beautiful colour pink can be!

This adorable book was just begging for an activity that uses pink paint! I set up our Flisat table with 2 bins of shredded black and white paper, grabbed some animals (including a zebra, panda, flamingo and lemur) and a few containers of pink paint.

After we read the book together, we headed over to the bin to turn this black and white world all pink! The kids loved painting the animals and talking about the events from the book.

This is a fantastic book to talk about the effects of bullying and accepting others for who they are, no matter the colour!

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