Mirror Designs with Rainbow Rings

Rainbow rings are, hands down, one of the MOST popular toys in the daycare! I’ve seen the little ones stack them, place them as their fingers as rings, pretend they are food, scoop them, thread them… the list goes on.

One of the favourites of the older kids is to create patterns or designs with them. My 6 year old daughter can sit for hours and create with these.

Here, she made little rainbow stacks and fit each one into a compartment.

I recently took a trip to Ikea and I’m always looking there for interesting trays or bins for the kids. I stumbled upon this in the bathroom section and was drawn to it. It’s actually a mirror, but it’s got a nice rim around it, perfect for containing whatever we put in it. At only $39.99, it was a great deal.

Rimmed Mirror – Ikea $39.99

I placed it down, with the wooden rings next to it and let the process figure itself out! What Kate (6) turned them into was a gorgeous, colourful display! The mirror reflects the colours creating a real depth on the surface. Simply gorgeous!

Kate (6) quipped that they looked like Froot Loops! I was sad when, at the end of the day, it had to be dumped back into the bin for the next days hands.

We would love to see how your little ones use wooden rings, rainbow or natural, in their play. Please tag us on Instagram #inspiredtots to share (and you might even win a prize for tagging us!)

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